Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Byrds: He Was a Friend of Mine

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 46 years ago in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.


Anonymous said...

Although 'He was a fried of mine' sure is of sheer beauty in its grief for jfk, is only the secondbest song about that sad subject. But arguably the best from the westcoast, ;-).

Guess who wrote the best song?
Hint: It's from 1982 and it is written by someone who was living in New York.

ano 2

emmett said...

Hey Big B, good to hear from you!

Ano 2: Perhaps you're referring to this one?

Anonymous said...

........and the winner is ......Emmet

ano 2

Big B said...

"I dreamed I was young and smart and it was not a waste,
I dreamed that there was a point to life and to the human race"

Anonymous said...

'But most of all I dreamed I forgot the day John Kennedy died ......'

First heard that great song from a tape a friend of mine had recorded for me in winter 82/83. On the A-Side 'The Blue Mask'; on the B-side he 'd put 'Fresh fruits for rotten vegetables' by the Dead Kennedies who were coming to my hometown in Dec. '82.

In an interwiew I read in a local fanzine Yello B explained the name of the band with the same idea that is behind Lous's punchline, i. e., that the death of JFK and Bobby symbolized the death of the American Dream for him. Thus the name of his band.

ano 2