Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wednesdays simply don't get any bigger than this, people. Not only does our sparkling new Viva Radio show drop today at 2 PM (hear it on, but to add to the insanity I'm playing records TONIGHT at Heathers Bar, 506 East 13th Street between A & B, 9 PM - close. Come through, New York - for good music and good times.


Big B said...

Beautiful splice of Steely and Floyd!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Big Wednesday! One of my two favorite Surf(buddy)-Movies.

From the long seventies. With Gary Busey and Lucy and Ray Ewing on the payroll.

If your party on Dec., 9th was only have as excessive as the Party in Big Wednesday you must have had a hell of a good time...

Merry X-mas 2 all u Art Decade Comtributors,

anonymus no. 2

emmett said...

Thanks Ano - that's one particular Gary Busey film that somehow passed me by!

I'll be posting a set of new tunes soon... before the year is out. Watch this space!

Happy holidays, Emmett