Friday, March 26, 2010

Aiight fools, this is going to be on the spring playlist (whenever I finish it) but throwing caution to the wind I've decided to "leak" it today. Dig the melody. The message. The endearingly off-key guys in the background singing "just for me". The heavy-handed imagery in the video. The celesta part (or whatever's making that bell sound). The harpsichord part. The ducks in the pond.

Anyone know who wrote this? Is that Mike d'Abo on lead vocals?


davyh said...

Mike Hugg I think Emmett. And the 'video' is an excerpt from the film 'Up The Junction' starring the lovely Suzy Kendall.

emmett said...

Thanks Davy! I'll be looking into Mike Hugg's solo career now. And now I know where the Libertines title Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads comes from.

Anonymous said...

fa christ's sake, Emmett. ya back! and with such a beautiful clip!.

already thought u were about 2 rest 4ever.

the eyeopener in the comment section isn't uninteresting either!

always luvd 'up the junction' by Squeeze but never knew there was a novel and a movie with the same title to which the song aparently strongly refers. postmodern pop!

@ davy: I agree, Suzy K. may come from dark and grey Derby but indeed is of mindblowing lovelyness.

ano 2

emmett said...

Hey Ano 2, thx for the comment, and glad you liked the clip.

Don't dream it's over