Saturday, March 13, 2010


you can hear my March playlist in progress over here


brendan said...

E M S!!

Leo Rattans said...

(in swedish)
Hej Johan Vävare, har du kvar din Synthi? Och hur har du det nu för tiden? Det var kul så länge det varade, och jag förstår dig fullkomligt för ditt val.
Hälsningar, Hasse.

emmett said...

Hey, thanks for the comments guys, however cryptic. Leo, I translated that Swedish, and am still utterly confused.

Suffice to say, if you carry that briefcase to work, you've got a good job!

Leo Rattans said...

Well, please excuse me for trying a long-shot using artdecade as kind of a mail-service, hoping Johan would be vain enough to search his own name once in a while. Google did a good translation except for the line "do you still have your Synthi"? Of course you're still confused, and I beg your forgiveness.

Now, those liner notes...?
Also, you make playLISTs, right? Could you please number the tracks as long as you're tagging anyway?

Music as a day-job, seems like bliss to us amateurs/lovers, but when the pro's get home they seem to crave silence.