Monday, May 17, 2010

laura palmer

The Cure: The Funeral Party

I wonder if Angelo Badalamenti was a Cure fan. Coincidence?


Anonymous said...

Nah - I wouldn't call it coincidence but fate because in the eighties it was almost inevitable to avoid The Cure. If Robert Smith now plagiarism-sues for his unpaid royalities u should go for your share!

Btw your posting really moved me into a nostalgic mood yesterday and so I found myself listening 2 "Boys don't cry" and "Pornography" in the candlelight allnight long. A perfect soundtrack to revel in sweet melancholy (as it is the T. P.-OST.)

the anonymus no. 2

PW: uncat

Big B said...

Thanks for the post no. 2. Sounds like all you were missing was some rain in your evening.

[BTW, can you believe its been 20 years since Twin Peaks aired?]

Anonymous said...

I should give up drinking in front of the Computer. I meant "it was almost inevitable to listen to The Cure".

You don't miss your water - til your well runs dry....

But yet I wasn't missing any rain! I felt fine!

But then again - there are some rainy songs waiting to be rediscovered. "Spring Rain" (The Go Betweens-great!) or "Raining Pleasure" (The Triffids - not bad either)? Or - farther back into time - by The Beatles and - horribile dictu - The Status Quo?


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