Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jo Stafford - No Other Love

Today we revisit the many manifestations of Chopin's E Major Étude in popular music (c.f.: Lemon Incest) with this ancient ditty from Jo Stafford. They don't make reverb like that anymore, kids.

From Wiki:

"(The E major Étude)... is regarded by some critics as a manifestation of Chopin's love for Poland, where he was born. During a lesson with his pupil Adolf Gutmann, Chopin began weeping and cried, 'Oh, my homeland!'. Chopin was said to have noted this piece as the most intimate he had ever composed, stating that 'In all my life I have never again been able to find such a beautiful melody.' The Etude has also been known as 'Tristesse', meaning 'Sadness' in French."

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