Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dana Gillespie - Andy Warhol

I never noticed the melody of the verses in this tune until I heard this version. The chorus here sounds a touch more like Heart than I would wish, but c'est la vie. Good for a rainy November Thor's-day.


Sean Howe said...

What's this beautiful image? Is it Stephen Shore?

Emmett said...

Hey Sean, the pic is from this website, which is probably going to be my go-to site for images from now on! Thanks for the comment.

ib said...

Hunky-Dory. Nice site, I mean, eavesdropping.

As for the song, it contains one of my favourite lines:

"We'll talk about paint and we'll think about glue; what a jolly boring thing to do."

Superb. I mainly recall Dana Gillespie from a string of 1970's light entertainment tv appearances. As opposed to her courtship with Donovan Leitch in the 60's, or her friendship with Angie Bowie.