Saturday, May 07, 2011

Head Hands & Feet - Safety In Numbers

Kudos to the lads in White Denim for unfurling this one in this mix; it's a stone jam. Featuring a cut-time-with-shades-of-half-time-groove that would make Leon Russell proud, and unprecedented verbal tap-dancing on the lyric "lookathimhe can't even dance." Featuring Pete Gavin on drums and Chas Hodges on lead vocals.

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Abigail said...

Could do with another couple of miles of that sweaty guitar solo. Early fade!

Anonymous said...

....and featuring some flabbergasting fingerpickin' on the Telecaster at 1.44 - 2.20 (by Albert Lee, I guess!?)

Great track, indeed! So refrehsing! Played after waking up this morning it has had the same effect on me as an aural early morning shower.

ano 2

anto said...

verbal tap dancing. now thats a good one. what a tune. like me Da used to play in the car back in the 7 ooohs. nice one.