Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vangelis -
Silent Portraits 1
Silent Portraits 2

Thanks to Hatchback and our friends at noncollective for the tip on part 2 (featured in the "Galaxy's Fountain" mix). Part 1 is an agreeable way to spend nine minutes. Part 2 is the sound of your life improving.

Notes on the LP, from

Created exclusively for "Silent Portraits", a project involving Italian photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, who shot on Polaroid a series of black and white photos, mostly all portraits, of the inhabitants of the nation of Seychelles. The book and photographs together make up this project, and was published by Garzanti Editore S.p.A. in 1984.

The book has a clothbound hardback cover that measures an 15.5 inches horizontally and 12 inches vertically. It is 132 pages in length, filled with images on glossy paper. The foreword is presented in both French and English.

The music was meant to be played while looking at the photos.

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