Thursday, July 07, 2011

The July Four - Mr. Miff

I'm down with this instro mainly because of the mellow strums that kick in at 0:05 and again at 0:57, foreshadowing not only Like A Hurricane* but also the mellotron interlude from Space Oddity^.

*Check the vocal version of this cut for further reinforcement of the Like A Hurricane connection.

^I mean the passage at 2:34 in this clip.


Anonymous said...

can't check out the Neil Young (?) link since youtube isn't allowed to show the video in my country for copyright reasons. But the resemblence is indeed striking.

Anyway - the instro vers. is absolutely mesmerizing. The apeggios are so wonderful they are leaving me - ah - almost breathless!

thanks for sharing it.

let's get out our surfboards and (later when it getting dark) dance the night away! It' s gonna be a great summer! Cowabunga!

ano 2

Emmett said...

Glad u dug it, Ano!