Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sadistic Mika Band - Hi Jack (I'm Just Dying)

Some choice pre-YMO here of sorts (Yukihiro Takahashi is the drummer in this band). Music by Kazuhiko Katoh, lyrics by Yuji Konno, in tribute to Jack Nicholson. Recorded at Onkyo House Studio, Tokyo, July 1975. Produced by Chris Thomas.

Don't go to Houston, you should come to Tokyo
Would you believe in a big chance meeting?


Joe said...

love 70s japanese jams like this or hosono's "tokyo rush".

great youtube of this:

Anonymous said...

like the name of the band.

might also have been the moniker for an early eighties california hatecore band (like the wonderful angry samoans)

no name no. 2

emmett said...

Hey Joe, thanks for comment and the youtube link. I found that video before but then couldn't re-find it on youtube! So thanks very much for the link. A deeply weird video for sure.

Ano, glad you dig the name -- apparently it was a takeoff on Plastic Ono Band.