Thursday, January 19, 2012

Joe Dassin -
Le Jardin de Luxembourg
Salut les Amoureux

"Like many Russians, Olga adored Joe Dassin, especially the songs on his last album, with their resigned, lucid melancholy. Jed shivered, feeling an irrepresible crisis coming on, and when he remembered the words of "Hello Lovers" he began to cry."
--Michel Houllebecq


dcleavitt said...

Check out Arlo Guthrie's -

Eli Monolator said...

Le Jardin de Louxembourg is incredible, I'd never heard it before.

I think Art Decade might be my favorite blog.

Eli Monolator said...

Ha ha, I can't spell, can I? No.

Sheridan Dupre said...

Thanks for the Arlo, version. It seems that in Dassin's version it's only the music that survives. The lyrics are very different. And I agree re: Luxembourg.

Anonymous said...

rudi carell, the famous and kinda sleazy late dutch tv entertainer, had a massive hit in 77 oder 78 with a cover of 'amoureux'.

check it here:

lol, ano 2

Anonymous said...

And from the Rudi Carell version if you want something great and strange you have this tune using the intro:


Thanks for all the great music!

Vic from France.

Sheridan Dupre said...

Thank you for that Rudi Carell link which is completely fucked up.

Anonymous said...

@ vic from france: great link, indeed!

AtomheartTM lässt grüßen, n'est-ce pas?

By the way, 'Vic from France' is a great nickname. Remember the end of 'La Boum II'?

@ sheridan: I agree, but a
m a s s i v e hit and almost inevitable in summer 77. at least where i was brought up.

anonymus no. 2