Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem - Cher

Here's another nice song from this album. Thanks Wary Meyers for the pic.


Big B said...

I'm getting lost in the Wary Meyers blog. Some very cool book installation pieces.

Great to have another Brigitte Fontaine song grace AD!

Anonymous said...


Not dark and spooky as 'le brind d' herbe', but charming.

went into a record store yesterday night to purchase a copy of "vous et nous". since it wasn't available, I bought the 1974-album l'incendie instead.

highly recommended!

ano 2

emmett said...

Hey Ano,

Glad you're enjoying it! Yeah, I think L'incendie has been reissued on vinyl, but Vous et Nous hasn't. Let me know if you find any more gems in the Fontaine/Areski canon. There must be some more out there...

Big B said...

This track is still on high-rotation...along with The Rattles' "You Can't Have Sunshine Everday" and The Cake's "Baby That's Me". Cheers!