Monday, March 26, 2012

Ladies & gentlemen: longtime listener and frequent commenter on this blog, Anonymus II (our man in Cologne) has been kind enough to put together an ace guest mix for us, inspired by evenings on the Costa Brava. It's Viva show #122 and you can find it here.

Part II airs next week!


Anonymous said...

great pic. that's the view the mix is made for!

ano 2

Sheridan Dupre said...

This almost makes me forget how cold it is outside today! Thanks.

Big B said...

Great mix ano 2! Always love Farewell to Cheyenne & the Black Orpheus soundtrack is one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

glad you like it, Big B.

the other day I found another fantastic version of 'manha de carnaval' by Baden Powell on cd I previously only had on vinyl. so it surely will end up on my next PL.

ano 2