Friday, April 20, 2012

Yeah... as promised, our man in Cologne, longtime and esteemed commenter "Ano 2" is back with another sweet guest mix. Apologies for the delay. Face the music here.


Big B said...

Anon 2. WOW – fabulous mix. You definitely zeroed in on all the musical connections btwn the songs & artists (Mick Karns, David Syvlian, Holger Czukay).

I was looking forward to Japan’s Ghosts but it replayed Soul Mining again. Didn’t mind hearing it twice since it’s been awhile. BTW, you ever hear Grace Jone’s version of She’s Lost Control? She does a cool version.

[Emmett - nice selection on the picture.]

emmett said...

Oops... that would be my fault on the Soul Mining repetition. Sorry, Ano. Will fix soon!

Anonymous said...

@ Emmet: Good things come to those who wait.

@ Big B. UR right. The PL isn't representing the full broadness of my musical taste. But once I started out with 'Forbidden Colours' (the B-Side Vers. of the 7'' Red Guitar is much better than the original single) I lost control and got completely sucked in by the "Japan".

Love the Grace Jones Vers. of She's Lost Control too.

You should check out the Double CD Island issued with all the long Grace Jones Versions from 79-85('The Compass Point Sessions'). No fillers!

ano. 2

emmett said...

OK, the repeated The The track has now been replaced with Japan's "Ghosts" as intended (at least I think it has). Apologies again for the mix-up, and thanks again to Ano II!

anto said...

photo is nick drakes sister i think.
great music on the mix

James said...

Big love to Anonymo, those two mixes are getting my through my daily grind! My other half is swooning over 'la mer' too.

ps. Emmet, bout time for another big zip file of goodness, no?

peace and love,

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the flowers, mates

ano 2