Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nora Dean - Angie La La

2+ weeks since my last post? Ouch. I'm afraid it's the usual story of the day job chewing away at any time I might have to frolic atop Mount Parnassus, as it were. But I will be back... and in greater number.

Anyroad, here's a little number that's apparently been a rare-groove underground classic of sorts since at least 1997. I like that Nora sings in major while the band plays in minor. Oh, and is that Lynn Taitt on guitar?


Anonymous said...

Cool Raouul! That's my groove!

I presume 33 Bond Street isn't in Queens but in the other Jah-Mike- Ahh down there where the pirates used 2 live.

Anonymous said...

sorry, forgot 2 mention:

signed: ano 2

Anonymous said...

the singing in the wrong scale give the track an "oriental" flavor, doesn't it?

ano 2

home designs said...

This is a treasure for me. Cool collection.

NCT said...

heard this on Gilles Peterson's last ever radio 1 show - classic!