Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bent - Stay The Same

Is this good? I can't tell, but it's definitely weird. Does anyone have suggestions on more intriguing music released in 2003?  Please send me your picks early and often.  I'm hoping to crystallize the zeitgeist of an undefined age, obliquely, with an hour's worth of half-forgotten "hits." Any music in any genre released in 2003 is fair game.

Thanks as ever,


Michael I said...

Nice up, on the 80's work and thanks as always for your sterling work, Art Decade is always a pleasure of a playlist.


Jah Wobble & Invaders Of The Heart - English Roots Music (all good)

Sufjan Stevens - Romulus
Broadcast - Haha sound (Minim)
Kaidi Tatham & Dego - Got Me Puzzled

More to come....

plague said...

Myxomatosis, Scatterbrain/Radiohead
Small time shot away, Prayer for England/Massive Attack
Angels in America Score/Thomas Newman (gorgeous stuff)
Th Lemon of Pink/The Books
The Civil War/Matmos (I was obsessed with this record in 2003!)
Girl Anachronism, Coin-operated Boy/ Dresden Dolls
N.E.W.S/Prince (One of his jazz records - it's pretty great but the tracks are very long ~ 15 minutes each)

emmett said...

Thanks, folks! Keep those ideas coming if you got 'em...

Adam said...

lilys - selected ep

Abigail said...

Let's Dance - M Ward

Abigail said...

Let's Dance - M Ward

Abigail said...

M Ward - Let's Dance

Anonymous said...

after the frist check I tend to think it's good.

reminds me on something krautish I heard b4. maybe by Harmonia. have to crosscheck it again tonight.

stay the same on ad,

ano 2

Big B said...

Broadcast - Before We Begin
Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back & Forth
Califone - Michigan Girls
The Shins - Turn a Square
Radiohead - Scatterbrain

(Like your concept for this mix!)

emmett said...

Thanks, B. I look forward to perusing your selections. Hope that you and the clan are well.

sintalentos said...

no deep digs here, but what a fun year:

amy winehouse - help yourself
dwele - possible
kelis - millionaire (feat. andre 3000)
killer mike - adidas
outkast (big boi) - unhappy

seconds to big b's four tet rec.

and something different: ryuichi sakamoto's derrida soundtrack

emmett said...

Thanks for the suggestions, all, and don't hold back. Abigail - nice to hear from you again! :)

Big B said...

BTW, the opening beats on track you posted reminds me of this.

Anonymous said...

Anything from Grand National's "EP1" -- Peanut Dreams and Drink To Moving On are my half-forgotten '03 hits.

Califone -
When Leon Spinx Moved into Town
Loose Fur - Laminated Cat
Calexico - Quattro
Sea & Cake - Four Corners
Electric Six - I'm the Bomb


davyh said...

Kraftwerk - Tour De France
Blur - Sweet Song
Richard Hawley - I'm On Nights
Paddy McAloon - I Trawl the MEGAHERTZ


Anonymous said...

am I 2 late? Hope not. Must be still thursday on the vee iles.

Some picks from my 2003 tree.
y control /yeah yeah yeahs
queen in my empire / rhythm & sound feat. jennifer lara
grey day - zoot woman
radio song / jet
terry hall/mushtaq - TenEleven

fave lp of the year: the sleepy jackson - lovers (especially 'tell the girls', 'morning bird/don't you know')

and yes - "hey ya" still stands the test of time.....

ano 2