Friday, July 20, 2012

New Viva show (#129) in the archive, comprised entirely of tracks released in 1980. Thanks a mill for all the suggestions. Due to the high volume of submissions, I've decided to do one egocentric mix (see above) and a separate mix, to air next week, featuring Readers' Choice selections. So, if anyone has further recommendations from 1980, please do send them along.

There was one reader's suggestion which was judged to attain to such a high degree of aesthetic excellence that it was included in this playlist - namely, the Prats' Disco Pope. Thanks to Ramone for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'disco pope'! sounds somehow familiar. have probably heard it b4 by John Peels Music on BFBS...

funny, in 1980 the other pope came from Rome (sweet Rome) to my hometown and we had a punk party in the Schloss-Park to celebrate the vist of "Pogo-Pope" which was fun('til the Police joined the party)

those were the thymes....

ano 2

Emmett said...

Hey Ano, yeah, I've heard this before too, though I can't place where. Maybe in an Optimo mix?

Glad you got to enjoy a Papal Dance back in the day.

Anonymous said...

oh - psychic tv. saw them in Münster waaayyy back in winter 84/85. one of the most impressive shows i attended in my live.

check out 'Tribal' from their 'peak hour'. v p m i!

greetings from the basque coast.

ano 2