Friday, September 21, 2012

Art Tatum - Lullaby Of The Leaves

Recorded on Thursday, February 22nd, 1940. Hall Of The Mountain King quote at 1:36.


davyh said...

That's magnificent, that is.

Anonymous said...

Bildungsbürgertum rules on AD. ;-)
ano 2

emmett said...

Hey Ano, you got me with Bildungsburgertum. Had to look up the Wikipedia entry. Of course I've read Von Humboldt's The Limits of State Action, but that's it.

Are you saying we're getting a little too upper-crusty over here? Well, I can assure you that Arthur Tatum Jr. of Toledo, Ohio wasn't what you'd call a patrician.

Anyways, thx again for the comments....

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't intend to diss A. Tatum (whose oeuvre I like a lot).

I left my comment just because you were pointing your well-disposed listener to the "Hall of the Moutain King" quotation.

So I assumed you must have had quite a broad musical socialization, which also involved romantic music from of the late 19th C.

Plus: I have some friends from my student-time I still meet occasionally for what we mockingly call "Musikabende" (a classical "Bildungsbürger"-Term), when we are playing our records and having some drinks and talk. Since we are inevitably getting older budweiser we all have accumulated a lot of knowledge 'bout good music, cool bands, rare recordings, etc pp.

So once in a while when one of us recog(d)nises resemblances between what we are listening to and what he has heard b4 and then goes like: 'Oh yeah, this part here in that song reminds me on what Bob Dylan (or Link Wray, the Pistols, Mozart, ....) has done in 1956 on ...., don't u agree?' it might happen that he get called 'Bildungsbürger' by the rest of us.

Which on the one hand is pure irony but on the other hand a deep bow to his musical wisdom.

Btw. did't know that the term according to wikipedia has negative conotation. I would proudly regard myself a Bildungsbürger...

pff, long comment indeed, but I want 2 keep the transatlantic relations free from misunderstandings..

ano 2