Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Deux - Everybody's Night

This is available for purchase here and here, so I took the link down by choice, but everyone should be sure to hear the delightfully anti-social synth work at 2:28.


plague said...

There's a bit of Kraftwerk's Pocket Calculator in the anti-social synth break and elsewhere in this track, and something else that kin of looks forward to 1987 House. Fun stuff in other words that nonetheless didn't stand a chance in 1985, when big big sounds from Hounds of Love to Everyone Wants to Rule the World to Papa Don't Preach were killing it. Thanks for posting.

emmett said...

Hey Plague, great call, it does sound like Pocket Calculator (a song I didn't know before). Thx for the insight.

BTW, can you send a link to the "Popular" blog you mentioned?

plague said...

Tom Ewing's Popular blog in which he's reviewing in order every UK #1 single from the inception of official charts in 1952 is here:

The index of his reviews and scores is here. (I think I first ran across Tom's fantastic reviews of Dancing Queen and of Kate Bush's Wuthering Heights - some of his rare 10/10 scorers.) Tom's up to 1994, but has run out of gas a bit lately (and has young kids); posts used to happen roughly weekly but for the last few months things have been barely monthly, which has cooled off the sense of community at his site.

I should also mention that Tom used to write the Poptimist column for Pitchfork, e.g., this one which I thought managed deeper thoughts about Facebook etc. in passing than The Social Network managed in an entire film.