Sunday, December 16, 2012

Les Garçons - Dans Quelques Minutes

This would make for some mighty hip hold music. 


Anonymous said...

moi j'aime ca aussi!

if I had a little more talent and had 2 design the archetypical new wave song the way i like it, it would sound like D. Q. M.

it has all - the simple bassline, the "fuck 7ties stadium rock back 2 the sixties guitar-line", the minimal though kinda spooky keyboard sound, the unpathetic vocals...

I wish we stil had labels like ZE!

merry x-m

ano 2

Anonymous said...

btw, i agree, it would be definetely hipper than the 'hold the line, love isn't always on thyme' i heard holding the line the other day....

ano 2