Monday, January 21, 2013

new Viva show (#140) in the archives

While I'm regathering the energies to search for "new" music, I made this little trip down memory lane. Every song on the playlist had to meet three criteria:

1) I had to remember hearing it prior to 1983.
2) I had to have at least a vague recollection of listening to it in a particular location, or staring at the album cover, that kind of thing.
3) I had to want to listen to it now (2013).

So, the result is maybe not too far from a mixtape I would've made aged 9 or younger. All except the opening excerpt, which is taken from a British kids' TV show Davy put me on to, and is meant to serve a similar purpose as the opening lines of Joyce's Portrait of the Artist.

I recognize that this post and this playlist are self-involved. Does that (the recognition) make it OK?

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Anonymous said...

well, any mix with i feel fine at the beginning (how i love the intro and the transition from verse to the chorus of that song) and two tracks from the american graffiti o.s.t. and the live vers. of "i w y t w m" is more than just alright with me.

ano 2