Friday, March 15, 2013

Junior English - You Are So Good To Me

Many, many thanks to Wiggsy for the peel-off.  More flexatone, anyone? 


Anonymous said...

yes please!

ano 2

Anonymous said...

hey, that's a "Cinquecento" on the right hand side, n'est-ce pas?

I remember that my mum managed to transport half of my footballteam including anomymus II. to our matches in her red 500 when I was seven. No seat bells, no children's restraint seats, just a bunch of brats like canned fish fresh from the cannery row!

cool pic! vintage 72- 76 I presume?

emmett said...

Hey Ano, thanks for the comments! If you're talking about the cars, I have no idea. Here's the site the pic came from: here. Apparently it's from a 1975 film - you nailed the year!