Wednesday, April 03, 2013

 Emmett presents... Paternity Leave!
Marquez - Color De Caramelo

I will be laying low for a few weeks, due to the exciting and impending arrival of a baby girl. In the meantime, we can all think about what the bass player (= Juan Marquez himself?) does at 01:43 in the jam posted above.

Thanks to all who've contributed so far to the 1993 Project.  By all means keep those suggestions coming!  This playlist will be happening post-paternity leave.

You can also check out Viva Radio shows #143 and #144, which represent a still-unfinished two-hour answer to the thought experiment: "What might have been played in a European discothèque c. 1974?"  Many thanks to all who contributed suggestions in this thread, and most especially to Mr. Bill Brewster.

So, yes, I expect to be hibernating from the music sphere for a bit, but unprecedented and potentially game-changing developments are already in the works for the near future, dear listeners!

Here comes summer again...

Your friend,


CLARK said...

Best of luck sir

Anonymous said...

hey emmet, just returned from skiing with my kidz in chamonix and read the newz! good luck, lots of fun and and not 2 many sleepless nights!

love the '74 eurodisco - thread! highly inspiring indeed. brings back fainted memories to our nanny and the 7''-records she played in her room way back then.

the spaghetti head track is fabulous

some humble suggestions:

radar love - golden earring;

gamma ray - bithcontrol;

always another gal - silver convention -

looky, looky - giorgio moroder ;

spinach - action man; america

hot butter - popcorn

hank the knife and the jets - guitar king


ano 2

barney rubble said...

If you haven't chosen a name, might I suggest Betty?

Anonymous said...

How could I only forgot "The Sweet"!?


Wig-Wam Bam

Block Buster!

Hell Raiser

The Ballroom Blitz

Teenage Rampage

Though Sweet was big a few years b4anonymus 2 was allowed to go out for the weekends, so that he can't give evidence personally, there's no doubt about it that the aforementioned hits were part of the soundtrack im most mideuropean discoth. in 73/74!

ano 2