Friday, July 05, 2013


Darrow Fletcher - The Pain Gets A Little Deeper 
The Hollies - Wings
Caetano Veloso - Maria Bethania 
Don Cherry - Terry's Tune  
Bob Summers - Blue Skies 
Miss Abrams And The Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class - I Never Asked
Cymande - Genevieve 
Wizzard - You Got The Jump On Me  
General Lee And The Space Army Band - We Did It Baby (parts 1 and 2)  
Kevin Hewick - Haystack  
Star Buck - The Full Cleveland  
Love Positions - Into Your Arms
Gramme - Two Minds

all-in-one zip file

Hey party people, here are some of the new arrivals from June. For some reason the Yahoo media player seems to have stopped working out of nowhere after 3 (?) years. Any advice?


Frasse said...

64 said...

i can't think of a better soundtrack for summer. thank you so much for such a great post, it was just what my weekend needed.

emmett said...

Thanks Frasse for the info - this situation is very annoying, but having an explanation takes a load off my mind.

64: thanks so much for the comment, made my day!

Amanda H. said...

Miss Abrams and the Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class, are they the ones that did a song called "Mill Valley"?

emmett said...

Hey Amanda, I don't know that one, but yes!

Unknown said...

Peerless selection. Had to do seven hours of tedious admin today and this made it all so very bearable!

plague said...

Really enjoying this playlist - thanks. Never knew that 'Into Your Arms' wasn't a Lemonheads original. And I just can't stop playing Miss Adams and The Strawberry Point - they're like the long lost love child of Judee Sill and the Carry Nations. Brilliant

emmett said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Abi and Plague! Knew who the Carry Nations were but had to google just to make sure.

bonafini said...

i'm brazilian and i'm proud caetano veloso is on this playlist! he's amazing.

Tonia said...

This is cool!

Ramone666 said...

As for mediaplayer probs, check
Actually works. Cheers!