Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mike Curb Congregation - Nixon Now

Nixon: I don't know, do you think the kids, the so-called flower children, will fall for it?

Ehrlichman: Oh yes, sir. I think this will do the trick.

Nixon: I'm still not sure.  Do you think, perhaps, it would be better if I sang?

Ehrlichman: A wonderful idea sir, truly wonderful, and it would definitely work.  Your voice, sir, is like a rare bird. But it's already been recorded by Mr. Curb, and there are those out there, largely hoodlums and troublemakers, rabble-rousers, sir, who wouldn't listen to anything you said or sang.

Nixon: Is this the sort of thing that people listen to? At folk music sit ins, and on television?

Ehrlichman: All of our research says yes, sir.

--Nixon Tapes, vol 17


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