Sunday, December 29, 2013

Podcast #8, recorded the night of Sunday December 22nd / Monday December 23rd, 2013:
first set
second set
third set
fourth set

Featuring ArtDecadeMike, Sheridan Dupre, Emmett, and a special call-in from Big B in Texas!

If you feel that this ends too soon, not to worry; this is just the first 2 hours. Set three to be uploaded soon!


Big B said...

Photo hires? Classic. Happy New Year!

Big B said...

BTW: really enjoyed hearing 'Pop Muzik'. Haven't heard that in AGES. Also, that Incredible String Band tune was new to me. Need to check if you ever posted it. And really enjoyed that instrumental that closed Set 2. Onward.

gregcondon said...

Buck Henry is the man! looking forward to sets 3-12 !!

Anonymous said...

Great Tunage - Just Curious Tho, is the Tinny, volume dropping, sound distortion, abrupt cutoffs and all intentional, or are you recording this in your folks basement with an analog cassette deck to cassette deck like I used to do in the Seventies?

Obey Gravity