Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cocteau Twins - A Kissed Out Red Floatboat



Anonymous said...

yeah, luvly voice indeed!

btw - I was always wandering why the band called itself 'cocteau
t w i n s'. I saw them live once and then they were three (citation needed).

personally i prefer their first opus 'Garlands'. probably the most spooky and scary record ever recorded (apart from white noise' an electric storm and vega's frankie teardrop).

you positively shouldn't listen 2'blood bitch' and look at the record sleeve of Garlands when your girlfriend has left u the day b4 or anything similar has happened . It might be the last thing you do b4 u jump out of your 4th floor window.

ano 2

Big B said...

This is always fun to watch.
Cocteau Fever in Columbus, Ohio.

Anonymous said...

yeah elizabeth frazer, kind of a cross between edith piaf and stanley unwin. would have really liked to hear her sing with the art ensemble of chicago.

emmett said...

Thanks for the comments, all. Ano: I will definitely check out Garlands. Still wading my way through the Cocteau catalogue... it's extensive.

Big B: hilarious video. "I'm at a rock happening."

Ano #3: You got me on the Stanley Unwin reference. Had to look up who that was. Interesting stuff. Mr. Unwin I'm afraid is mostly unknown in these parts. Thanks for the comment. Get the stems and do a Cocteau / Art Ensemble mash-up; it wouldn't be hard to do.