Saturday, March 01, 2014

Cissy Kraner - Der Novak läßt mich nicht verkommen

Quite possibly the first minor sixth chord vamp heard round these parts since this one.


Anonymous said...

hurrah, the legendary 'Original Novak' is in the artdecade surprise bag 2day! hilarious indeed!

my dad (errol garner fan) loved 2 play that kind of Vienna couplets on the piano when he got into a kinky mood, mostly during skiing holidays in Austria after a couple of Obstlers.

god bless the minor sixth chord and! thanx a lot for sharing, Emmett!

Now knowing that it contains x-rated stuff in austrian lingo I might have to add your blog to our homecomputer's non-suitable-for-kidz-filter-list to protect my ever curious offspring from becoming precocious too early....

ano 2

emmett said...

Hey Ano, yeah, I was hoping you could help me out with this one.

What's it about? What is "The Novak"? What's the lyric about marijuana?

Please explain to me as lucidly as you see fit. I am genuinely curious.

Anonymous said...

real wicked lyrics not just for '54.

as far as I understand they say:

singer wants to smoke pot and consume morphium,

wants to become a nightclub gal dancing naked "in front of negroes and chinese man",

wants to get laid by a whale and lie down drunk in the gutter and wants to be used by men,

wants to feast oysters including the shell and have a fight in a whorehouse, become the mistress of a fakir and so on....,

but "the Novak", a r e a l gentleman, "both dressed and naked", doesn't let her become depraved though it was apparently him "who made her a lady" when she was still young.

can't tell u all cause some of the rhymes are way too double-barreled for me to translate from the austrian. her slang fits perfectly to the minor sixth.

the words on the right side of the sleeve are apparently by tipper gore.

ano 2

Emmett said...

Wow - intriguing stuff. Thanks Ano!