Friday, May 23, 2014

Steely Dan - Rose Darling

I'm claiming this as the definitive Steely Dan deep cut. (Brooklyn, the song Gaucho, Green Earrings, Caves Of Altamira, Time Out Of Mind, Any Major Dude, the song The Royal Scam, and Midnight Cruiser don't count as deep cuts.)

The juxtaposition of this verse and this chorus yields an interesting mixture of colours/flavours. Close harmonies from Michael McDonald at 1:12. Perhaps his biggest challenge until he harmonized with himself on Peg?

The pre-chorus bit (at 1:04) reminds of this.

More Dan of Steel-related material coming tomorrow!


Sheridan Dupre said...

Nice work. Dirty work.

Emmett said...

Surely you're not claiming Dirty Work as a deep cut? A major hit that continues to receive extensive radio play? Jesus, this is exasperating.

When are we doing the next podcast?

Erica said...
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Erica said...

Track 3 and one of my favorite cuts from the "Katy Lied" LP. Thanks for sharing!