Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Carmen - Schlaraffenland
Die Doraus & Die Marinas - Tulpen Und Narzissen

In a pre-ANGST frenzy, a trawl through the bumrocks 2004 archive turned up this brace of washed-out heartless German teenwave winners. 


Anonymous said...

Teutonic Disaster!

btw: how did you like the movie?

ano 2

Anonymous said...

Terrible German/English interludes on Carmen's one. Plus, she reminds me of Hannah Montana :-S

Emmett said...

Hey Ano 2

Busted - I did in fact acquire this on "Teutonic Disaster Sampler EP 1" or something. The movie was just as disturbing and haunting as promised. But really a very good film overall. I would argue it's a valid work of art. Would love to find out just how crazy the guy who made it is. Thanks again for the comment.

Other Anonymous: I actually *like* the German/English interludes (quoting the Archies: "Sugar Sugar", or course). And I had to google image search Hannah Montana (she's after my time) but yes, you do raise some valid points here. Thanks for the comment :)