Monday, December 15, 2014

Justine and the Victorian Punks - Beautiful Dreamer

Slept on this when DFA reissued it in 2010, and when Thunderbals posted it in 2008, and when Colette released it in 1979, and when Stephen Foster wrote it in 1862.

I was hoping to find a version from pre-1920 to post alongside this, but couldn't. I did find this.

Stephen Foster, the author of "Oh! Susannah" and "My Old Kentucky Home", never lived in the South and visited it only once, in 1852. He died aged 37 in 1864, while residing in a hotel at 30 Bowery Street, about fifteen minutes on foot away from Electric Lady Studios, where Justine & co. recorded their version of "Beautiful Dreamer."


CLARK said...

I think one of the dudes in Baumbach's Kicking and Screaming sings this at one point?

Peter said...

Wow, what a track, thanks a lot