Friday, January 19, 2007

The Art Of Noise:
Moments In Love (12" beaten version) [1985]
Moments In Love (original version) [1983]

This is fantastic. As the bio of Art Of Noise on says, "Moments In Love anticipated an entire genre -- chillout." The song worked very well yesterday as I was riding on a bus through Central Park and then past glamourous Madison Avenue shop windows.

Both long and "short" versions have their pros and cons, and both should be heard.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer the long version. The '83 version is a little busy, and the bongo drums in the beginning get on my nerves a bit. I also don't like the synth at the end of the short version. I love the long version though, all 53 minutes of it.

The long version sounds like it could have been something written by Aphex Twin on a day when they weren't feeling quite so minimalist. The "Now, now, now, now, now" chant in the middle of the long version made me feel nervous though. Like I am missing out on something in life. Like I should stop reading music blogs and get some fresh air.

Big B said...

Wow. Emmet posts Art of Noise!? I remember this song as it played from my older sister's bedroom and thinking how far out it sounded. Now, it does sound a bit dated but the arrangement is great.

Mike, get some fresh air.

Anonymous said...

When working for their latest album the Pet Shop Boys intended to use a sample from this song and asked producer Trevor Horn for permission. Unfortunately they did not use it afterwards because Trevor was claiming all royalties from this new song.