Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Black Flag: TV Party [1984]
Burning Sensations: Pablo Picasso [1984]

Inspired by a comment under the recent Jonathan Richman post, here are two songs from the Repo Man soundtrack.

Who didn't start looking at no-frills items differently after seeing Repo Man?

You like music? Listen to (and buy) this.


Anonymous said...

"John Wayne was a fag" - Repo Man is the 80's and it was my life. Best movie of the decade. Thanks for the tunes

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

In some ways Repo Man marked the end the good run hardcore punk rock had here on the West Coast. Harry Dean Stanton should have won an Oscar.

Anonymous said...

space monkey spank is right. My favorite movie of all time, has been since it came out.

the iggy pop intro is cool too.

Mike said...

I loved the movie as well, and the soundtrack is truly a gem. I was thinking about posting the Iggy Pop title track... but it clocked in at a long 5 or 6 minutes. Maybe some other day. I am glad you folks liked the tracks.