Wednesday, February 28, 2007

J. Devenais: Gain Reduction
J.B. Raiteux: Southward
D. Robert: Black Trebor
P. Monnehaye: Gossit

from the Freesound library LP Crank [1974]

The one time I bought a semi-expensive library record on eBay, it was this. Let's walk through the tracks:

Gain Reduction: This is my favorite. Great suspenseful flute tag perfect for a spy-themed T.V. show, plus the vibraphone groove in the middle rules.

Southward: eerie synth atmospherics

Black Trebor: What a bassline! Some of the percussion reminds me of Kraftwerk's Metal On Metal. I'm not bass-boosting this -- this is how it was mixed. "Trebor" is "Robert" backwards.

Gossit: I could see this as the theme music for a French dramedy.

In researching this post I re-discovered a premier source for library record rips: Monone's Library. Ironically, his last post of 1/19/07 promises that the next post will be this very record (Freesound Crank). Weird.


Anonymous said...

"Southward" floats my boat. (Possibly just a hankering for warmer climes.)

Excuse my ignorance, but what's the history behind the Harmonic Mood Music Library and Freesound ?
Did anybody on the LP get a break as a result, a one-off-fee or what ?

Emmett said...

Hey IB, glad you liked it. Here's what Fuel Books' "The Music Library" says about Freesound: "Classic French label, founded in Paris in 1973. Part of the Ambient Musicale Illustration Sonore and in the UK associated with Harmonic and Studio G." Library music, as you may know, is stock soundtrack music that was produced for use in TV and films. In other words, if you had a TV show and you needed a theme or interstitial music, instead of hiring a composer and/or paying royalties to someone you could buy one of these library records and use that. I THINK the arrangement was that you wouldn't have to pay any royalties if you used this stuff, but I could be wrong. So I'm guessing the composers and musicians got a one-off fee, but I really don't know. It's a good question. I wonder if there are any interviews around with some of the legendary library composers such as Brian Bennett and Jackie Giordano. There must be. It'd be interesting to know more about the process. All best, Emmett

Anonymous said...

Thanks for plugging some of the gaps. I got as far as, but while it offered profiles on some of those artists featured in their catalogue, there was precious little on the guys who contributed to "Crank", never mind the ethos behind Freesound. Be nice to know they perhaps got something out of it, more than the way of limited exposure.