Friday, March 09, 2007

Big Star: Try Again [1972]

"Lord, I've been trying to be understood..."

Ardent Studios turns 40. Where Jody Stephens, center back in the photo, is now running the show. Buy the album just down the block at another Memphis institute, Shangri-La Records. This store has all the goods. Hell, they even boast their own in house 70s musuem.


Emmett said...

Nice. Loving the (to my ears) Floydian slide guitar work on this. We'll miss you tomorrow night, Big B. My best to the missus and Lil' A...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Big B. I have all of Big Star's official albums and some of Alex Chilton's solo output, but i downloaded this anyway... because it's Big Star.

Incidentally, i think it was you who posted a version of "I'm so Tired" with McCartney on vocals a while back ? Loved that too, but was the track from "Off White" or one of the Anthology discs ?

Just curious.

Big B said...

thanks for the props. i strayed from writing much on Big Star cause i realize anyone who has in interest in them knows everything about them.

as for the "i'm so tired" track that came from the bootleg Thirty Days Vol. 1. you can still find it...if memory serves correctly there is over 5 Volumes. when is someone going to officially release that?!

rock on.