Friday, March 09, 2007

Jack McDuff: Kisses [Sugarhill, 1981]

Side A:
Say Sumpin' Nice
Night Fantasies

bonus cut from Side B:
Tunisian Affair

Purchase date: March 8, 2007, 1:50 PM
From: itinerant street vendor
Location: Broadway north of 72nd
Price: $3
Record label: Sugarhill
Rank of this album among my all-time favorite albums: 1

The Jack McDuff Heatin' System:
Gerryck King - Drums, Percussion, Vibes
Jonathon Wood - Bass
Danny Wilensky - Tenor Sax
Danny Petrow - Guitar
Jack McDuff - Organ, Piano, String Ensemble, Mood (sic), Percussion and Vocals

guest stars: Joe Farrell (soprano sax), Stanley Banks of the George Benson group, Phil Upchurch (guitar), Karl Lidral (soprano & tenor saxophones)

All music written, arranged, & produced by Jack McDuff, except Say Sumpin' Nice written by George Benson & Jack McDuff

recorded at Sugar Hill Studios


Mike said...

It's like an early birthday present from the street vendor Gods! Congrats!

Big B said...

Party music for tomorrow's birthday...can only imagine the after party.

Anonymous said...

thanx a bunch!!!

davyh said...

Emmett, $3 wouldn't even buy you a beer here in Londres, and I guess not in NY either...WHAT a treasure. Your No 1 album? Educate us, my man - because if there's more where this came from, I need to hear it. Seriously! LOVE IT.

Emmett said...

Hey Davy, glad you liked it! You're right, $3 wouldn't get you a beer in New York, except during happy hour, of course. I have nothing more to offer about Captain McDuff (this is the only LP of his I have, and I just got it yesterday), but there's a good bio of him at Thanks for listening! P.S. I don't know if you noticed but we linked to you... cheers

Anonymous said...

Nice & Smooth. But Emmett, seriously - "itinerant street vendor" ; "bum" this and "bum" that - what's that all about ?

You're not going all Bret Easton Ellis on us, are you now ?

davyh said...

Emmett, I did notice you'd linked and I thank you most sincerely.