Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dick Hyman: Give It Up Or Turn It Loose and Alfie [1969]

from The Age Of Electronicus

I bought this album yesterday on 7th avenue north of 18th street, from a gentleman who routinely and mysteriously sets up shop there, selling only records, and who in appearance and deportment strongly resembles Uncle Jesse from Dukes of Hazzard.

On the James Brown cut, as the liner notes explain, "live drums play along with the Maestro Rhythmaster, a metronome-like mechanical drum device." I'm liking that hi-hat sound in the left channel.

Dick's intriguing take on the Bacharach/David classic "Alfie" is being thrown in more or less for the hell of it, in case anybody out there knows the song and will get a tickle out of it.

Dick Hyman on CD


Grant said...

That's crazy, because I just found this record the other day too. I'd heard the James Brown track before, and seeing the LP sleeve in real life freaked me out. The inside is great, with all of the stacked up Moogs!

Emmett said...

Nice, Grant! Interweb-synchronicity is a mother, ain't it?