Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dudley Moore: Moon Time [1968]
Dudley Moore: Bedazzled [1968]

Based on the lyrics to the song Bedazzled, I would have to say this movie was at least 3 years ahead of its time.

I am going to stay ahead of my time by not posting a link to this movie's soundtrack.


Anonymous said...

Not so sure about "Moon Time", but "Bedazzled" is solely the work of Peter Cook, who wrote, sang and performed the title track to the movie as the lead vocalist in the fictitious group "Dremblewedge & the Vegetations." At the time of the film, and until "Arthur" broke big in the States, Peter Cook was the bigger "star" of the two.

Yes, the lyrics were ahead of its time. Peter Cook went on to front a late night punk tv spot ("Revolver") aimed squarely at the "YOOF" market round about 1978, i think, and was the perfect cynical louche host.

Mike said...

You are right, ib... That is Peter Cook's voice on the title track, but the album credits Dudley Moore with writing the track.

"Revolver": something else to hunt down on YouTube.

Thanks for the comment...

Anonymous said...

The screenplay was written by Cook - an adaptation of one of their "Beyond the Fringe" skits - and i'm fairly certain the lyric is his own too. No doubt, Cuddly Dudley had a hand in the arrangement in addition to tinkling on the ivories, but then again he's hardly Phil Spector.

Ah well, it's a shame that Peter is no longer around to contest the credits. Moore did score the movie, but Cook OWNS it for the screenplay alone and his impeccably weary performance as Beelzebub.

Anonymous said...

I'd tell you even more about the song, but I've gotta get back to work. I'm pullin lobsters out of Jayne Mansfield's ass.

I hate this job.