Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Rolling Stones:
Too Much Blood (dance version) [1984]
Too Much Blood (dub version) [1984]
Too Much Blood (bonus dubs) [1984]
Too Much Blood (album version) [1983]

Great horn part. I recognize that nobody needs 28 minutes of this song, but for historical accuracy, here are the entire contents of the 12" single.


Anonymous said...

Dannielynn’s true father is a regular poster at the Sarcastic Idiocy Forum.

DreamTime said...

thanx for this!

It ptobably won't be 28 minutes - but I will probably do one of my dreamtime mixes with this song. thanx for the source material!

Emmett said...

Nice, Dreamtime! Send us an mp3 of the mix when you do it...

DreamTime said...

finished the mix - it clocks in at 15:07 minutes.

available here:

hope you like it!


Floyd Anderson / chronovisor said...

DreamTime did a great job!

More Stones here:


file under: The Rolling Stones



Chris Martin said...

Is there a link to d/l this please?