Monday, March 12, 2007

Graham Central Station: Can You Handle It? [1974]

from the album Graham Central Station

This song gets me up every time. Larry Graham, known for his bass prowess, also uses his voice as a wide-ranging instrument, stretching every note inside out and back again. I overheard someone streaming it at work recently, and before I knew it, I'd gotten a copy and listened seven or eight times. You'll of course recognize Larry's distinct baritone and deep sea bass from his days with Sly and The Family Stone.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one, SPC - now i know what Bowie was listeninig to when he changed persona for "Young Americans".

Emmett, enjoy your trip.

davyh said...

This has got my Monday off to a much-needed funky start guys, thanks.

Enjoy Paris Emmett - the Left Bank used to be good for groovy record stores...

elucid said...

hope its still up