Monday, March 12, 2007

Ian Dury & The Blockheads: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick [1979]

From the makers of the anthem "Sex & Drugs & Rock and Roll" came this dance/punk classic with infectious opening riff by Ian Dury and the Blockheads, in 1979. It got a fair amount of airplay on stations like WNEW, and was number 1 in the UK popular music charts in January 1979. The opening reminds me of opening the door to a party that is already going full blast.

Ian Dury on CD

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Anonymous said...

Ian Dury's first album was a thing of rare and quirky wonder. If you went to any party in 1977 you would normally find it on the turntable at some point in the proceedings - usually "Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll" ; "Wake Up and Make Love with Me ; or even better, the cruelly observant but oddly joyful "Blockheads".

The best thing about "New Boots and Panties", however, were those more reflective and meloncholic tracks best listened to on one's own.

By the time, "Hit Me..." made no. 1, Ian Dury was already something of a cherished national institution, and the joke was beginning to wear a little thin.

The bigger the brass arrangements in the band, the more tarnished his shiny wit seemed to become, although "Do It Yourself" - the second album - was still something not to be readily scorned.

Anonymous said...

PS. Excuse the spelling of "melancholic" in the above - i must have been thinking of what to have for breakfast.

Mike said...

Thanks for the comment ib, and I forgive you the spelling error because a melon was actually pictured a few posts below.

Anonymous said...

Nice post - I don't know if I ever told you that when I was living in London I designed an album of Chaz Jankel's (Blockhead keyboardist). He was a really nice guy. The album was called Experience I don't know if it was ever distributed in the US or UK but it is on ITunes.
I still want to help out with a logo if we (mostly me) ever get our act together.

Also happy Belated Birthday!

Mike said...

Hey Alli! Welcome! I hadn't realized you roamed these parts...

Yes, we need to get that logo work done soon.

We also need to get a drink on Thursday night.