Friday, March 16, 2007

Grizzly Bear: On a neck, On a spit [2006]

The first 15 seconds casualy waltz in without much fanfare, like a kid that hides behind his bangs when entering a room; but once the slide guitar creeps in and the song stretches out, well, "you can't go home again, each time it's different." I tried to write what to visually expect at the 1:15 mark and 2:04, but decided to forgo the thunderclouds and rain. I'm gonna pack my bags and live the rest of the month within this song.


Mike said...

Good call. This album feels like the "Funeral" or "OK Computer" of 2006, in that it is the album I think I will always be able to go back to and find something new. Did you see the video for "The Knife"? Stereogum premiered it, but I can't access it on their site right now. There's a smaller (size of the screen) version of it here.

Something new.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

check out a great live version of this song at

Anonymous said...

Big B, was the post deleted entirely or just the comment ? I'd been listening to Grizzly Bear's cover of "Owner of a Lonely Heart" recently, and after you're fanfare of an intro i was keen (to put it mildly) to listen to this one.

No kidding, that was some build-up. Poetry, i can relate to.

Every time i try to hit the link, though, i can't connect to the server. Hope it's just a temporary glitch.

Anonymous said...

Got onto the server, finally, Big B, and it was worth the wait.

Nothing i can say about this could possibly match your intro, but i need to listen to it a few more times.

Great stuff, and it's encoded at 192kbs too !! Thanks.

Big B said...

thanks for yer patience ib. this song is cinematic.