Friday, March 16, 2007

Múm: Once a Shiny Morning Puddle [2004]

This is the b-side from Nightly Cares, which appeared on Summer Make Good. Mum is my favorite band, about three days out of the week. I think they're brilliant.

Buy the single here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post, Mike; the title alone made me want to grab it immediately.

The only track by Múm i've heard until now is "Now There's That Fear Again" from "Finally We are No One", but this instrumental is very good indeed.

Thanks for the feedback on the "Thirteen" post, inidentally, it's good to know I'm not simply plaguing your comments sections with unwanted ramblings.

Missing Emmett. God speed, and all that jazz.

Mike said...

I miss Emmett too. But we have laws in this country, and when one does something very, very wrong, one is required to serve one's time. It's a good system. Emmett will be back soon enough, and he will probably know what the latest gangs are listening to, on the inside.