Thursday, March 01, 2007

Quincy Jones: It's Caper Time [1969]
Quincy Jones: Something's Cookin' [1969]

I am digging the bass work in the short Something's Cookin'. Here are two gems from Quincy Jones' work for the Italian Job, a movie which was the inspiration for one of the worst movie remakes of all time.

I'd be psyched if someone could explain new blogger to me. It takes me 8 attempts on every post to get the spacing right. Freakin' blogger.

Buy the soundtrack here.


Colonel Knowledge said...

Thanks for the tunes. Dashed good stuff.

You are correct, this new blogger thing is a shithead and hates paragraphs.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

My son has been a huge fan of the Michael Caine original since he was three years old, and he used to do a mean Matt Monro impersonation. He hated the remake too.

Something's Cookin' is very, very cool indeed. It just struck me what a huge debt Air have to Quincy Jones.
Nice post, Mike.

Mike said...

ib, nice call on Air... I hadn't previously heard it, but the resemblance is strong on Something's Cookin'.

And your kid son sounds Sesame Street deprived.

Thanks for the comments! They're appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Sesame Street deprived ? Oh yes, for sure. It's something of a sore point that that particular programme is no longer offered as a free televisual service here in Old Blighty ; however, did i mention that he also regards George A. romero's "Dawn of the Dead" as a celluloid masterpiece ?

Over the years, Mr. Savini's comic creations have certainly served well as a splendid phonetics teaching aid.