Friday, March 02, 2007

Radiohead: Paperbag Writer [2004]
Radiohead: Where Bluebirds Fly [2004]

I was out vinyl shopping with Emmett when we found the Radiohead single There There, which is a nice purchase as an A-Side, but the two B-Sides on this record are even sweeter.

Paperbag Writer contains a mean funk rhythm that kicks in above the strings about 60 seconds into the track.

The abbreviated version of Where Bluebirds Fly served as an entrance song during Radiohead's 2003 tour.

Painting by the fearsome Jazione. (Private collection.)

Buy There There, and read insightful commentary on the A-Side such as "What follows the second chorus is, in my opinion a vocal very typical of the last two albums, which is by no means a bad thing, it actually acts as quite a distressing thing. The guitar then comes in, just to prove that even in a slowish song, Radiohead can still rock, although happily in their own special way" here. And be happy that we don't consider ourselves music critics at ArtDecade.

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