Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rolling Stones: Dance (pt. 1) [1979]

from Emotional Rescue

Great late 70s dance tune from the Stones, w/default great bass lines/riffs from "39 and holding", Bill Wyman. What Keith is doing when whistling on the corner of W. Eighth and Sixth, is up for interpretation. I've narrowed it down to one of two things, but I'm not saying.

>>posted by SPC


Anonymous said...

Despite their shameless late-70's trend-hopping, along with the likes of Kiss, Queen, etc..., I must admit they really churned out some funky efforts when they had a mind to. Of course, it helps when you're The Rolling Stones, and name recognition has earned you that clout.

Dumbek said...

Very underrated record.

Anonymous said...

this song is amazing.
do you know of more songs that sound like this? i like disco just fine but there is something more bluesy (substantial) about this that gives off such a better rush. sorry for the request, but regardless, thanks!!!

Joshua said...

For similar songs check out "Fingerprint File" from It's Only Rock 'N Roll, and the killer "Sweet Thing" from Mick's solo album Wandering Spirit.