Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sparks: Reinforcements [1974]
Sparks: At Home At Work At Play [1974]

One song for my lovely cousin who begins a new job tomorrow. Reinforcements are a thing of the past. All her battles are over. It's all empty train tracks from here.

And another song for her fiance... in case he finds he is competing with her new job for her time.

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Anonymous said...


Incredible shot, by the way. Where is that section of disused overhead rail from ?

i've never sat through an entire Sparks album, but i did like "Never Turn your Back on Mother Earth", mainly due to the amount of airplay that single got at the time. I remember watching Russell & Ron Mael on Top of the Pops and thinking the guy at the piano had chosen to adopt possibly the creepiest persona in the history of popular music.

Anyway. Good luck with your cousin's new job.

Mike said...

Hey ib,

I was actually thinking about posting "Never Turn Your Back..."; funny you should mention it. It's kind of surprising to me that that album got much airplay. I find the album alternates between palatable songs (I actually think the two songs I posted are quite good), and songs that are quite, for lack of a better word, irksome.

Now I am going to hunt for that Top of the Pops clip on YouTube. I hope it exists.

And I don't know where that overhead rail is. I found the shot on the Internet and thought it looked like a nice city a few years after an apocalypse.

Anonymous said...

The reason i was curious about the shot, i suppose, is because i live more than twenty floors up overlooking rail track in what you might call a "bad neighborhood" - think the Bronx on a rainy day - so i suppose i feel empathetic to the similarly post-apocalytically challenged.

Hope you find that clip on YouTube. Both "...Mother Earth" and " This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Two of Us'' were hits here.