Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Magazine: My Tulpa [1978]
Magazine: Parade [1978]
Magazine: Rhythm of Cruelty [1979]
Magazine: Philadelphia [1980]

A burst of Magazine because I read their catalog will be re-released, and I think they are ace. Their first album is one classic composition after another.

Buy this or hold out for the re-release, which will include bonus tracks.


Anonymous said...

Harold Devoto and Magazine were wonderful at times. Thanks

Casey said...

I had forgotten about these guys. Thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

Real Life is one of the best albums of the late 70's. Nice one.

Mike said...

I am pretty excited to hear those bonus tracks. Magazine is one band that never rotates off my mp3 player.

Silent 3 said...

I read that "Philadelphia" was written after Harold Devoto played Philly's first "punk" club (The Hot Club) and was really freaked out by the people there.

Johnny said...

Marvellous band indeed, constantly inventive, but I think you'll find it was Howard Devoto not Harold (and if you like Devoto, check out Luxuria)