Monday, June 04, 2007

Don Ray: Standing In The Rain [1978]

from the album Garden Of Love

This selection was inspired by the following blurb on Jigsaw Music:

"Cosmo played an amazing space disco set at the April ’05 Jigsaw. Her set took in fresh new house sounds alongside some New York Loft classics. The crowd went absolutely nuts for Don Ray’s “Standing in the Rain”!"

SITR is notable also for the only known rhyming of "soaking" with "talking".

As it happens, we were watching that movie "The Last Days Of Disco" at Kacers's parents' place yesterday and I was amused to hear Got To Have Loving in the soundtrack. So there's that one for you as well.

Both tracks written by Cerrone and Don Ray. Taken from the CD reissue. I'm not totally loving the way it's mastered, but wtf. You might want to turn the treble down, and the lights.

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E.P. said...

can you reupload this?